MSD Lens

Lens Care

Lens Application and Removal Video

Apply Lens
- To balance the lens, create a cradle using the thumb, index finger and the middle finger.
- Fill the concave lens cup with a preservative free saline solution
- With the head in a horizontal position, hold open the upper and lower lids and apply the lens directly over the eye

Alternate Lens Application
As an alternative to cradling the lens on the fingers, rest the lens on a large suction cup or DMV for easier balancing. Be careful not to let the lens suction on plunger.

Remove Lens
- While some people can remove the lens with their fingers, we recommend using a large suction cup or DMV remover
- Look straight ahead in the mirror and place the suction cup near the edge of the lens anywhere between the 4 and 8 o’clock position
- Squeeze the suction cup and make a lifting motion upward (never pull straight out)
-If the lens is fenestrated with a tiny venting hole, do not place the suction cup on the fenestration hole because it will not adhere to the lens

Lens Care
- Always wash and dry hands before handling the lenses
- Clean lenses after every use with the recommended cleaner
- Store lenses in fresh conditioning solution every night
- We recommend the Boston family of solutions, however, always follow the recommendations and instructions provided by your practitioner


Lens Adhesion
- If the lens does not come off freely, place a finger on the bottom lid and apply a little pressure just under the edge of the lens to gently break the seal. At the same time use the suction cup with a peal off motion to release the lens.



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